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Hot Mess Express

Hot Mess Express

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Hot Mess Express

This one is for the ladies. Sometimes the Twigs girls can let the moody, stressed, emotional mess escape from time to time. Keeping the well-being of others in mind, we thought making this gem would be a service to anyone caught in the path of a woman riding the Hot Mess Express.
We want you & those around you to be safe from emotional outbursts!

The Witch’s Cupboard 

Handcrafted with all-natural, organic essential oils, herbs & stone chips.

We carefully research each ingredient, ensuring this blend suits your needs well.

Hot Mess Express has a fractionated coconut oil base to ensure skin moisture.

  • Ground, balance & calm while diminishing feelings of anger, panic & restlessness.
  • Relieves bloating as well as pain associated with menstrual cramps.
  • Manage PMS symptoms such as stress, fatigue, anxiety & mood swings.
  • Elevate mood while having a positive effect on hormone levels.
  • Reduce water retention while also reducing negative energy.
Handcrafted in a 1 oz. glass rollerball bottle.
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