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Hesper's Haven | Spell Oil |

Hesper's Haven | Spell Oil |

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 Hesper's Haven

Grounding | Nature | Openness | Wildwood magic

Hesper is an ancient Greek name meaning “evening star.” 

Our Hesper is an ethereal, wood-exploring beauty with imagination running wild through her veins. She is intended to help forge connections with the wooded & natural world. Full of grounding properties, Hesper is woodsy & spicy, with a sweet fruit note to top off this enchanted herbal oil. It's everything her haven should be.

Spicy oak, bay & sage are blended in a bed of baby’s breath & wildflowers. Hyacinth, pear, & a hint of lilac pour in together to finish off a magical wildwood blend. Prehnite, rainbow moonstone & sugilite are generously poured in for an added bout of grounding, clarity, openness, & helping us keep in tune with our true nature.

 1/2 ounce
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