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Hella Hydration | Hydrating Elixir

Hella Hydration | Hydrating Elixir

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 Hella Hydration

Hella Hydration was born out of hella necessity. Dry skin, especially in the harsh winter months,
is just too common to have not been solved; so here’s the solution. 
This is a two-step infusion of sweet-moisturizing relief that when used twice daily, WILL give you lasting hydration. Hella Hydration should be the VITAL step of your morning & nighttime routine.

Step One (2 oz): Call it an unconventional glow serum.
Our skin just has a way of drinking up rosehip oil. & who can blame it? Hydrating, brightening, collagen boosting, & toning rosehip oil brings the nourishment your face is begging for. Step one also offers a generous dose of aloe vera, small batch rose hydrosol, and essentials of chamomile, geranium, copaiba & a couple secret ingredients for extra glow.
Apply one dropper-full directly to face after shaking vigorously.

Step Two (2 oz): Lock in liquid
Step two (2 oz) is a hand-poured bottle of carefully steeped herbal waters. This sublimely floral elixir soothes skin & locks in that glow serum. Drizzle a dropper-full into your hands & apply to face (pat & rub in) and a refreshing & hydrating coolness will fall upon dewy skin.

If you’ve been struggling with dry & unruly skin, Hella Hydration might just be what you’ve been searching for.

2 oz Each
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