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Haunted Bookshop | Perfume Potion

Haunted Bookshop | Perfume Potion

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Haunted Bookshop

She's an antique soul with a deep love of mystery, the worn & forgotten, the things left behind.

Haunted Bookshop's fragrance profile is a leather bound novel on moss-covered shelves. Dusty pages soaked in caramel coffee beans scream to be seen.

The Witch's Cupboard

You can only find her in the bookshop at night,
dancing in the smoky candlelight.
Her ghosts sip freshly brewed coffee beans;
they kiss her with burnt caramel screams.
Ripped & torn pages lay in smoked lace;
she keeps them safe in their hiding place.

A mysterious trail of baby's breath falls;
she's there to answer the unheard calls.
Oakmoss pages tattoo her skin,
keepsakes of where she's been.
Dancing orbs meet her at midnight,
where gifts of chrysanthemum die.

Our Perfume Potions come beautifully spilled in our luxurious 1/2 oz glass bottles.
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