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Hag's Breath | Spell Oil |

Hag's Breath | Spell Oil |

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 Hag's Breath

Energy | Focus | Motivation | Speed | Success

Hag's Breath Spell Oil uses her magic to prevent resting coffee face,
she'll take a bitter witch to her happy place.

The Witch’s Cupboard
She wraps her morning ritual in chocolate honey,
slow & steady & always lovely.
Sprinkles of coffee beans dance in her cup,
enchanting her movements as they begin to speed up.
She swirls & twirls in vanilla bliss,
just like a good french kiss.
A hint of mystery & a dash of surprise,
she'll leave you spinning clockwise.

She throws ground coffee in the air, 
falling in vanilla glitter like no one cares.

 1/2 ounce
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