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Gray Lady | Spell Oil |

Gray Lady | Spell Oil |

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 Gray Lady

Banish | Cleanse | Health | Protect | Sweetness

Gray Lady is as lost as Alice & as mad as the Hatter.

The Witch’s Cupboard  
She silently observes from behind her hot cup of tea,
Looking at the menu, what will her next drink be?
Warm spicy Chai Tea?
She dances through the pages,
She knows she could sit here for ages.
Oh, sweet white tea with a side of lemon crème,
She bubbles with excitement as she almost screams.
Taking the last sip of her comforting green tea,
She settles on a roasted oatmeal stout to be free.

Crushed black tea swirls through the air,
She drops seeds of chia as if she doesn’t care.
A dash of sacred spices made of trees.
& bits of black peppercorn stand out like Queen Bees.

 1/2 ounce
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