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Fyxen | Spell Oil |

Fyxen | Spell Oil |

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Attraction | Beauty | Desire | Glamour | Romance | Sensuality | Sexuality

Fyxen is lace lingerie paired with 6-inch stiletto heels.
Sex, desire & passion are the things she appeals.

The Witch’s Cupboard 
A trail of red poppy petals,
This vixen will have you dancing with the devil.
Smoke swirls around your nose,
The sexy scent of cherry tobacco.
Patchouli-colored eyes are unforgettable,
Those strawberry lips are anything but regrettable.
Take a bite of her venomed apple,
She’ll lead you to her lady chapel.

Catnip plays to her advantage,
The attraction she holds is your disadvantage.
She sips hibiscus tea as she waits,
Smirking, she knows you’ll take her bait.
Poppy seeds lead you to her door,
Her clothes are already on the floor.
Only heather flowers cover her curves,
Don't be scared; you've got the nerves.

1/2 ounce
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