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Flower Pyrite

Flower Pyrite

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Flower Pyrite

Gemini, Leo & Virgo | Solar Plexus Chakra

Flower Pyrite is a wonderful combination of Flower Agate & Iron Pyrite; where happy energy meets rebalanced harmony. 

  • Promotes general physical vitality.
  • Aids insomnia; stabilizes moods to provide better sleep. 
  • Fight the common cold & flu; strengthen the auto-immune system. 
  • Helps fight the physical symptoms of stress, anxiety & depression. 

Emotional | Spiritual:

  • Dispel negativity & feel more positive. 
  • Attract abundance & prosperity on all levels. 
  • Infuses one with happy & fun energies. 
  • Increases self-confidence & encourages to be more extroverted & social. 

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