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Dream Weaver | Candle

Dream Weaver | Candle

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 Dream Weaver

A simple blend abundant with sleepy time assistance.

Call it magic, perhaps – Dream Weaver is meant to help produce a meditative state and further enhance dream work & dream memory retention. Simply light this candle and spend some time with it before falling asleep. Set your intentions for your sleep cycle & dreams, and let your magic happen.

Top notes of black raspberry with cinnamon-sugared vanilla. In the undertones, you’ll find amber, balsam & vetiver.

Dream Weaver is embellished with Angel Aura (for the sweetest of dreams – nightmares don’t stand a chance) and Strawberry Quartz (useful for meditation, grounding, and chakra opening.

8 oz – soy – essential oil blend

Please note that our candles MAY be made to order.
If you order a candle(s), please potentially allow up to 5 days of processing time.

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