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Doll House | Perfume Potion

Doll House | Perfume Potion

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Doll House

Take her hand as she asks you to play,
she's sweet as sugar if you behave.

Doll House's fragrance profile is a dreamy fantasy. Hints of strawberries dance alongside a complex mix of whiskey-soaked marshmallows.

The Witch's Cupboard

She's stitched from sugar-covered yarn,
keeping her safe from any harm.
Whiskey-colored eyes watch as she dances,
she was born to take chances.
Lips the color of strawberries,
oh, the secrets she carries.

She wears black mallow in her hair,
dancing under a safflower sun without a care.
She twirls around patchouli sticks,
& she's off for another sugar fix.

Our Perfume Potins come beautifully spilled into our luxurious 1/2 oz glass bottles.
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