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Crystal Infused Skin Elixir

Crystal Infused Skin Elixir

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 Crystal Infused Skin Elixir

Hand-crafted with a proprietary blend of essential & carrier oils including Helichrysum, Tea Tree, Lavender, Argan & Coconut, the Twigs' girls have created a facial oil as unique as you are. Our skin elixir works to protect the skin barrier by keeping moisture in while also fighting against bacteria that causes acne. The extra healing & rejuvenation is brought you by the infusion of Rose quartz, Iolite, Garnet & Malachite (The Botox Stone). 

One really amazing fact about our skin elixir is that it isn't just used for the face. It is both all-natural & sensitive enough to be put on rough spots, bites, irritations, cuts, etc., as a soothing & healing remedy. Our elixir is an all-around natural fixer-upper of all skin types & issues.

Trust us, study & testing were long in the process before this oil was released to you! We had to be certain that it was just right for all skin types.

Recommended use is simple, really. Our elixir intends not to interrupt your typical facial routine. You can gently rub 3-4 drops into skin after cleansing, or, as the Twig's girls do it, you can add a couple of drops in with your regular facial lotion for added moisture & acne-fighting power. 

Our Crystal Infused Skin Elixir comes in 2 oz. amber glass dropper bottles.
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