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Coven | Perfume Potion |

Coven | Perfume Potion |

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You'll find yourself in the dark streets of New Orleans,
slinking into a dusty parlor with a tall, dark & handsome on your arm.

Coven's fragrance profile is a strange web of floral ghosts & earthy phantoms.

The Witch's Cupboard

Scents of lush floral wisteria dance around white musky light.
A drop or two of ancient frankincense & the queen of the night.
Sipping white tea swirls around a hint of patchouli.
Sprinkled with sweet jasmine flower, could it be?

Herbs dancing in the background

For a bit of luck, one full bay leaf.
A spoon full of Heather flowers.
Butterfly flowers crushed in for a bit of mysterious darkness.

Our Perfume Potions come beautifully spilled into luxurious ½ oz glass square bottles.
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