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Caterpillar Smoke

Caterpillar Smoke

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 Caterpillar Smoke

Attraction. Growth. Luck. Manifestation. Prosperity. Transformation.

Caterpillar Smoke exhales a haze, the color of luck & abundance.
This witty fellow only wants to pass the pipe to share his good fortune.
Follow his smoke puffs like a trusty compass.

The Witch’s Cupboard

He did his research to choose 6 of the best herbs.
He puffs on spearmint herbs,
attracting all things green with just his words.
Smelling of rose-covered pine,
he floats high on cloud nine.
Juniper shapes his luck;
smoky scents of manifestation keep out the muck.

Glitter Dusting;
Caterpillar Smoke blows purple dust,
Showering you with growth & trust.
Green shimmer falls from his lips,
Attracting you like a sweet kiss.

Crystal Chips;

He hides Goldstone behind his green haze,
transforming the ugly maze.
Aventurine spills in for a smooth chill,
prosperity comes in for the kill.
Behind his Citrine-colored eye,
he knows luck isn't always hard to come by.

Sealing it tight with green wax to spark growth & bring in Lady Luck.

Place Caterpillar Smoke Spell Bottle somewhere you will see him often.
Perhaps in your favorite window with the most sunlight.
Make a home for him in your wallet where he can attract some extra green.
Carry him with you to keep good fortune showering you like a Queen.
Use your intuition & let it guide you.

The use of this spell bottle is 100% personal & versatile.
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