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Bye B!tch |Spell Oil |

Bye B!tch |Spell Oil |

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Bye B!tch

Banish | Cleanse | Cut Ties | Energetic & Emotional Boundaries | Evil Eye | Protect | Remove | Stop Gossip

A blend built for & out of necessity - Bid negative energy & intentions adieu.

Scent Profile: Pomegranate. Chili Pepper. Golden Clay. Sweet Orange. Aged Amber.

Bye B!tch is crafted to help cut the ties associated with ill will, hexes & evil eyes sent from those who do not wish to see us thrive. Bye B!tch can also be used in mirroring spells, return to sender & personal/spacial protection magic.

Bye B!tch Spell Oil packs an extra punch with chips of Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian & Gold Tiger's Eye. Each bottle also contains an Evil Eye, which you should keep forever once the oil is gone.

A potent blend made to help you take your power back. Whether you need general protection or a thorough banishing - use Bye B!tch to bend that bitches will until it breaks.

Find Bye B!tch Herbal Incense Here 

1/2 oz

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