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Bye B!tch | Herbal Incense Blend |

Bye B!tch | Herbal Incense Blend |

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Bye B!tch

| Herbal Incense Blend |

| Protect | Remove | Banish | Cleanse | Stop Gossip |

| Cut Ties | Energetic & Emotional Boundaries | Evil Eye |

A blend built for and out of necessity. Use Bye B!tch as a cauldron simmer, candle dressing, floor sweep, tub tea & more to bid negative energy & intentions adieu. Bye B!tch is crafted to help cut the ties associated with ill will, hexes and evil eyes sent from those who do not wish to see us thrive. This herb blend can also be used in mirroring spells, return to sender, and personal & spacial protection magic. 

A potent blend made to help you take your power back. Whether you need general protection or a thorough banishing - use Bye B!tch to bend that bitches will until it breaks. 

Mugwort | Rosemary | St. John's wort | Peppermint | Green Sage | Skullcap | Nettle | Bay | Black Peppercorn | Basil | Chamomile | Cinnamon | Elder Flower | Hawthorne Leaf | Marshmallow Root | Raspberry Leaf | White Willow Bark | Hawthorne Flower | A pinch of Safekeeping Black Salt |

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