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Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings

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 Butterfly Wings 

Balance. Confidence. Divination. Dreamwork. Energy. Freedom. Guidance. Inspiration. Magic. Manifestation. Power.

Butterfly Wings flutters & dances with magic.
She spreads her beauty like it is something tragic.
She hopes to be a helpful tool in any magical work.
A guiding hand with a bit of smirk.

The Witch’s Cupboard

She did her research to choose 11 of the best herbs.
Her wings smell of burnt sage leaf,
guiding magic of sweet relief.
Bottles full of vanilla beans fill her home,
she lets her inspiration free to roam.
Her tarot cards hide in patchouli beds,
& dreams of divination dance in her head.
She'll lace herself in lavender flowers,
where dreamwork will last more than an hour.

Glitter Dusting;
White dust softly spills like granite,
Sending grounding clarity all over this planet.
Silver glitters a spark of intuition,
Butterfly Wings hopes to inspire a powerful magician.

Crystal Chips;
Lapis Lazuli infuses her wings with an awareness of personal growth,
Rainbows of Opalite & Tourmaline enchant with a hypnotic oath.

Sealing it tight with black wax to protect all while magic is afoot.

Place Butterfly Wings Spell Bottle somewhere you will see her often.
Perhaps in your favorite window with the most sunlight.
Make a home for her on your altar with your favorite candles.
Maybe in your herb cabinet to flutter her strong magical essence inside.
Use your intuition & let it guide you.

The use of this spell bottle is 100% personal & versatile.
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