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Bewitched | Perfume Potion

Bewitched | Perfume Potion

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She makes it look like magic; lust over love is her mindset.
Dare to play her wicked games?

Bewitched's fragrance profile whispers sweet-tart secrets; she brews potions made of lush creams & floral woods.

The Witch's Cupboard

Let her seduce you from across the room;
With her cherry-stained lips
& chocolate curls down to her hips.
Cranberry kisses fall on enchanted wood floors;
be careful, or your heart will end up in her chest of drawers.

Stiletto crushed sea lavender falls on silk sheets,
desire-soaked moss wraps you in the heat.
Follow the wishful trail of broken butterfly flowers to her hypnotic beat.

Our Perfume Potions come beautifully spilled into our luxurious 1/2 oz glass bottles.
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