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Beltane Kit

Beltane Kit

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Beltane Kit

Invoking the Spirit of Innovation

Themes of Beltane: 

Growth | Abundance | Fertility | Purification | Health | Light | Love | Sexuality.

Added Emphasis on:
Love | Passion | Romance | Sex Magic

This handcrafted kit provides all that is needed to pay homage to, celebrate, and create your own rituals for Beltane. 

Included in this kit:

8 oz. Hand-poured soy candle scented spritely in Seagrass, Ylang Ylang, Oak Root, Green Sage & Nectar & adorned with English Ivy, Pink Rose, Jasmine, White Willow Chips, Rose Quartz & Bloodstone. Burn on the evening of April 30th / Morning of May 1st & set your intent. 

1 oz. Beltane Ritual Oil scented as the candle & steeped in daisy, red broom bloom sprigs, Rose Quartz & Bloodstone. This Ritual Oil can be used long after Beltane's end when needing to invoke any themes of Beltane, including work for love, passion & sex magic. 

Beltane Simmer Pot Blend: Packed with herbs, botanicals & fruits of spring, this simmer pot Blend will help to ignite love, light & purification in your sacred space. Ruby Red Grapefruit, Dragonfruit, Juniper Sprig & berries, Pink Rose, Hibiscus, Mint, Jasmine, Daisies & Pink Cornflower are SOME of the offerings in this earthly nectar. You can steep this blend for several hours and offer it back to the earth after the magic has filled your home. 

Fairy Dust: As it were, an offering to the abundant fae of Spring - which is entirely up to you. This glittery powder can be used in bath rituals, as an altar energizer, or sprinkle under the bottom of your pillowcase to invite romance into your bed. Scented in Pearberry to lure toward you your desires. 

Tumbled Stones: Emerald, Rose Quartz & Bloodstone.

Herb Vials: Hawthorn, Pink Rose, Lemon Peel, Mugwort & Spearmint.

Fae Offering Sachet: With glitters & beads & bells, infused with the essence of Spring. Keep this with you to attract abundance, growth &  healthy energy. Would also make a unique offering on any altar. 

Chime Candles: Pink, Green, White & Yellow.


Please keep in mind that these items CANNOT be bought separately - Ordering this kit means you will receive everything listed. 


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