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Bellatrix | Spell Oil |

Bellatrix | Spell Oil |

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Exotic Feminine Energy.

When the Twigs Girls created the sultry & spicy Warlock Wonder, it didn't take long for him to become lonely in the workshop. So with some feminine bliss & a black cats hiss, Bellatrix was born & boy is she something special! 

As with her manly companion, she's laced with organic herbs of chopped patchouli, black peppercorn & oakmoss but is then lathered in red rose, heather & secret wildflowers for a boost of exotic feminine energy. Essential & essence oils of ripe strawberry & gardenia swim in an ocean of vanilla patchouli, a brew most befitting for a Bellatrix. This blend is topped off with Opalite chips for enhanced sexual energy & for yin-yang balance, a must-have when you happen to love a Warlock. 

The amazing thing about Bellatrix is that it always creates a personalized blend of herbaceous, sweet and spicy.
Basically: Just come hither.

 1/2 ounce
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