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Bellatrix | Spell Oil |

Bellatrix | Spell Oil |

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Exotic Feminine Energy.

When the Twigs Girls created the sultry and spicy Warlock Wonder, it didn't take long for him to become lonely in the workshop. So with some feminine bliss and a black cats hiss, Bellatrix was born and boy is she something special!

As with her manly companion, she's laced with organic herbs of chopped patchouli, black peppercorn, and oakmoss, but is then lathered in red rose, Heather, and secret wildflowers for a boost of exotic feminine energy. Essential and essence oils of ripe strawberry and gardenia swim in an ocean of vanilla patchouli, a brew most befitting for a Bellatrix. This blend is topped off with Opalite chips for enhanced sexual energy and for yin-yang balance, a must-have when you happen to love a Warlock. 

The amazing thing about Bellatrix is that it always creates a personalized blend of herbaceous, sweet and spicy.
Basically: Just come hither.

 1/2 ounce
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