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The Banishing Salt | Bath Salt

The Banishing Salt | Bath Salt

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The Banishing Salt

Good Riddance Bath Salt

You know that feeling you get when all of the negative energy in the world clings to you & you can't get rid of it? You shower, meditate, write, whatever you can do to cleanse your spirit & move on, but it seems to feel as though residual negativity & leftover exhaustion just won't go away.
Good news: We have the solution.

Organic mugwort, lemon balm & holy basil are ground to a near powder in a mortar & pestle before being sprinkled upon an ultra-grounding blend of black lava salt & natural sea salt with essential oils of rosemary, patchouli, rose, fennel & nutmeg. This blend is perfect for energy/spiritual workers or anyone who comes in contact with several people on a daily basis. Use The Banishing Salt to scrub that unneeded energy away & rinse it right down the drain!

How to use it:
In the shower, bath, or on your hands, apply sparingly & scrub away all of that unwanted energy. 

Alternatively, use it as a Tub Tea & soak away the energies of the day. Set your intention upon stepping out of the bath; you're leaving those feelings & unneeded heaviness behind.
Black salt absorbs all of the negative energy that you can then visualize going down the drain, leaving your skin silky, smooth & fully cleansed. All of the herbs chosen to work with in this blend have a deep history of offering their protection & aiding in cleansing you both physically & spiritually.

Remember, this is black salt and does take a rinse or two to wash away fully. It is recommended that you rinse your bathtub/sink out afterward as well. The banishing salt will stick to the residue on your tub. But fret not! Rinsing it away will take with it all of the negativity right down the drain!

You will receive a one (1) pound bag of The Banishing Salt.
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