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Basic Witch | Fall Spell Oil |

Basic Witch | Fall Spell Oil |

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Basic Witch

Creativity | Divination | Love | Wishes

Basic Witch Fall Spell Oil is October in a bottle.
You won't be able to ignore her call.

The Witch's Cupboard

She dances wildly in pumpkin dirt,
spilling a little whiskey on her favorite shirt.
Stumbling into pumpkin patch despair,
she giggles without much care.
She has imagination in her oatmeal-colored eyes,
full of spice & fire with a dash of pumpkin surprise.

She'll sip ground coffee at midnight
while dancing with monsters in the moonlight.
They throw pumpkin seeds in the breeze,
a little wish with a sweet tease.
Oakmoss vines remind her of the time;
she must end this rhyme, for it is her bedtime.
Black Tourmaline dust brings protection from a shelf,
One last kiss of Goldstone chips to ground oneself.

1/2 ounce

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