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Asteria | Goddess Spell Oil |

Asteria | Goddess Spell Oil |

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Goddess of the stars & nighttime dreams.

Meaning “of the stars” or “starry one”, Asteria is the Goddess of falling stars and nighttime dreams. It is said that she keeps the moon and the stars in their place at night to keep the balance. She is further referred to as the mother of Nocturnal Oracles, as she has power over dreaming and can alter the path of one’s dream state. 

In her stellar honor, we’ve dreamed up an alluring spell oil full of organic herbs, resins, and botanicals including Black Tea, Visuddha, Geranium, Amethyst, Juniper berries and Black Lava Salt with notes of Ylang Ylang, lavender, and water lilly. Asteria is a dark and beguiling blend that helps calm the senses & bring peace to the subconscious.

Utilize the power of Asteria during your personal spell workings involving warding off nightmares, violence, and negative energies, divination, mediation, banishing sadness and pain, and aura cleansing. This is a great oil to warm during a full moon to cleanse a space and reset your intentions.

  1/2 ounce
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