Surrender More

Some days just can’t be wonderful. You aren’t in the best of health or you plain don’t feel good, feel like getting up and moving around. You can’t ignore the obvious strain on personal relationships. You have things to say but you’re convinced whatever those words are, they will fall on deaf ears. You’re working full time, and then more time, and more time, just to stay afloat. Everyone seems to be so hateful in their hearts, and it’s probably because they truly are.

How do you even convince yourself to keep up the pace?
When I think I’ve surrendered, I surrender more
Makes sense.

You can’t control it all. You might feel like you are as powerful as ever but it doesn’t change the fact that you absolutely cannot control every little bit of life. Sit back and think about what actually can be controlled. If it’s not something you can say, think, or do, surrender to what it is. Say, for instance, the clerk at this desk or that check-out is an absolute horror show of customer service. They’re rude, impatient, etc., how do you respond? Do you respond with the same rudeness, impatience, etc., or do you choose to smile politely knowing full well you’re having a much better day than that person? You can do what you want, but recall that you are the only person in control of which decision you make. You can easily let that bad-day-having clerk affect your attitude and your day, but you’re just as capable of deciding that that momentary meeting was just that, and go on about your day feeling just fine. You can even send some good vibes in their direction in hopes of bettering their day. Your power is yours and you do what’s best for you with it. It’s important to remember that expelling energy on the people who do not require your energy is exhausting, and does nothing positive for you. It does not help you in your journey and it certainly does not strengthen your craft.

A Taurus and a control freak by birthright, I struggle with surrender. This statement is meant as broadly as possible. I’m fixed and mostly unmovable. I’m a backseat driver and overzealous mother. I’m a creature of habit who has had more than my fair share of recurring tornado dreams, as my need for control exists even in my subconscious. Surrendering to “that which I cannot control” sometimes feels more like a challenge to me than a thing to actually do. But this is where I am able to learn and grow within myself. What a lot of people consider a simple choice, I consider a leaping decision. I sometimes sit still in situations where I should certainly move, knowing that if I move the balance of control will be shifted and I may lose it. It is in these moments when I must remind myself that that’s okay. We are merely vessels traveling through time to learn from our people, our surroundings, our world. What are we so afraid of? Keeping in mind that each day is an unpromised gift, giving in to the negativity around us seems like such a waste. So my advice is this: You can’t control everything, some days just can’t be wonderful, and that’s okay. Utilize your due diligence in making sure that you are controlling what you need to in order to take care of you. You can control your actions & reactions, your words, your mood, your energy. You cannot help or control anyone else’s. However, you can use your actions, words, and mood to help brighten someone else up. “You are the moon, the sun, the stars, the whole damn universe” to someone else. So act like it. Even on a bad day, you can look through the clouds and know what lies beyond. You are capable of embracing what comes and making it serve you in a positive way.

The power is yours. Surrender to it.

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