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XO | Body Oil |

XO | Body Oil |

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After Shower / Body Oil

XO was made to nourish & protect your skin - even & especially during these harsh winter months.
With emphasis placed on moisturizing, we've steeped rich jojoba & coconut oils in calendula & marshmallow root. Calendula is a nutrient-rich & antioxidant skin protector. Calendula is special in that it contains a high concentration of both linoleic & calendic acids, the former being the most abundant fatty acid in our skin's natural moisture barrier. But our favorite thing about this warm, soothing herb is its gentleness on sensitive skin. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, calendula is known to relieve irritation due to dryness or free radicals.

Marshmallow Root; is hands down one of our favorite herbs to work with in skincare! Marshmallow root doesn't just sit on dry skin but works to replenish it. Hydration is key with this one! Not only does mallow root contain antibacterial properties known to heal wounds & irritation, but it is also commonly doted upon for its anti-aging & skin plumping powers.

Scent Profile:
Scented in our XO Cologne Potion (this one is for any & everyone):

Scotch Whiskey - Fire Roasted Marshmallows - Bourbon Soaked Raisins on a charring campfire of hickory wood.
- Summer night memories - 

Use XO as an after-shower oil by applying it to the skin when it is still wet - this will leave skin dewy, soft, supple & exquisitely scented. Alternatively, you can use as many drops of XO as you'd like mixed with your favorite lotion or body butter to add a dose of golden glow to your after-shower routine.

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