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Sugar Spells | Tub Tea |

Sugar Spells | Tub Tea |

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 Sugar Spells Tub Tea

Sugar Spells is like a sugar plum fairy dream.
Get lost in the gumdrops hidden inside hills of whipped cream & sugar clouds.

The Witch’s Cupboard

All-natural Sea Salt
Enhances the skin while reducing inflammation.
Removes toxins.
Balances the skin as well as soothes.
Cleanses while restoring the skin.

All-natural Epsom Salt
Improves overall health.
Relieves stress.
Aids muscle & nerve function.
Also relieves pain, muscle tension, inflamed joints, headaches & abdominal pain.

Infused with high-grade fragrance oils such as whipped vanilla & unicorn magic.
Mixed in with a dash of colored mica & glitter dust.

You will receive a one (1) pound bag of Sugar Spells Tub Tea.
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