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Siren Seduction | Tub Tea |

Siren Seduction | Tub Tea |

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 Siren Seduction

Siren Seduction Tub Tea will bring the mermaid out in you.
Make your bath time seductive.

The Witch’s Cupboard 

Calendula Petals
Cleanses the skin while soothing any irritation.
Heals as well as moisturizes the skin.
It also gives a younger-looking glow.

Rose Petals
A refreshing astringent for the skin.
Also, it controls oil.

Fights against sun damage, free radicals & signs of aging.
Alleviates muscle & joint pain while reducing pain & swelling.
Also, it improves circulation.

All-natural Sea Salt
Enhances the skin.
Reduces inflammation.
Removes toxins.
Cleanses while restoring the skin.

All-natural Epsom Salt
Improves overall health.
Rids the body of toxins responsible for exacerbating inflammation while also reducing stiffness & pain.
Eases stress & relaxes the body.
It also helps muscles & nerves function properly.

Infused with fruity floral high-grade fragrance oil such as bergamot, jasmine & sugary vanilla & glitter dust.

You will receive one (1) pound bag of Siren Seduction Tub Tea.
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