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Pumpkin Guts | Fall Tub Tea |

Pumpkin Guts | Fall Tub Tea |

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 Pumpkin Guts Fall Tub Tea

Hang your broom up, kick off your pointed shoes & allow the spice to wash over you.
This fall tub tea unleashes the Fall lovin' witch in us all.

The Witch’s Cupboard 

Black Lava Salt
Enriched with activated charcoal.
Removes dirt, oil & impurities from the skin.
Gives a deep, clarifying clean.

All-natural Epsom Salt
Improves overall health.
Improves overall health.
Relieves stress.
Aids muscle & nerve function.
Also relieves pain, muscle tension, inflamed joints, headaches & abdominal pain.

Pumpkin Guts
Pumpkin Seeds.
Orange Mica.
Secret glitter dust.

Infused with high-grade fragrance oil such as pumpkin spice & everything nice.
Mixed in with a dash of pumpkin-colored mica & glitter dust.

You will receive a one (1) pound bag of Pumpkin Guts Tub Tea.
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