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On Sleek | Body Oil |

On Sleek | Body Oil |

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On Sleek

After Shower / Body Oil

On Sleek is the nourishment you need with the added benefits of all the silky softness you want.
Coconut & Camillia oils are infused to perfection in organic green tea & hibiscus flowers.
Green Tea offers numerous benefits for the skin, including anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. It is also a wonderful herbal supplement for acne & maintaining healthier, more youthful skin.

Hibiscus will always be one of our very favorite skin-loving herbs to work with. Hibiscus hydrates & supports your skin's natural collagen production. Moreover, hibiscus cleanses & tightens skin pores while offering anti-inflammatory & wound-healing abilities.

Scent Profile:
Honey - Pomegranate - Black Chamomile - Lavender

Use On Sleek as an after-shower oil by applying it to the skin when it is still wet - this will leave skin dewy, soft, supple & exquisitely scented. Alternatively, you can use as many drops of On Sleek as you'd like mixed with your favorite lotion or body butter to add a little extra moisture to your after-shower routine.

2 oz
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