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On Sleek |Body Oil |

On Sleek |Body Oil |

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On Sleek

After Shower / Body Oil
On sleek is the nourishment you need with the added benefit of all the silky softness you want. 
Coconut and Camillia Oils are infused to perfection in organic green tea and hibiscus flowers. Green Tea offers numerous benefits for skin including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is also a wonderful herbal supplement for acne and maintaining healthier, more youthful skin.
Hibiscus will always be one of our very favorite skin-loving herbs to work with. Hibiscus hydrates and supports your skins natural collagen production.  Moreover, hibiscus cleanses and tightens skin pores while offering anti-inflammatory and wound healing abilities.

Scent Profile: 

Honey - Pomegranate - Black chamomile - Lavender

Use On Sleek as an after shower oil by applying to skin when it is still wet - this will leave skin dewy, soft, supple and exquisitely scented. Alternatively, you can use as many drops of On Sleek as you'd like mixed with your favorite lotion to add a little extra moisture to your after shower routine. 
2 oz.
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