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Detox | Whipped Charcoal Scrub |

Detox | Whipped Charcoal Scrub |

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Whipped Charcoal Scrub

If your skin is in need of a proper detox, this is the scrub for you. 

What sets Detox apart from our other scrubs is that its primary focus is on cleansing. Natural castile soap & charcoal work together to rid you of dead skin, bacterias & all-around unwanted extra griminess. 

Infused with pure & organic castile soap, Detox is naturally cleansing as well as safe on sensitive, acne-prone skin. Hand-crafted into a nourishing blend with avocado & coconut oils, we made sure that Detox will cover all the bases for your delicate skin.

Light & airy clary sage cools, soothes & protects the skin. Rosemary acts as a barrier from the sun & free radical damage while cleansing & disinfecting with natural antiseptic properties. Last but not least is the dash of hand-crafted lavender water in the mix which aids in skin vibrancy while assisting in calming redness.

Detox comes freshly whipped in a 10 oz jar with a screw-top lid.
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