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Desdemona | Spell Oil |

Desdemona | Spell Oil |

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Feminine Energy Elixir

Flirtatiously floral & fabulously fruit-juicy, Desdemona is exactly what we need for feminine verve & vigor. Desdemona is one of the more complex oils we’ve crafted up and is simply PACKED with vigor-inducing herbs, botanicals & essential oils which strike our senses to induce feminine zest & pep. 

Within its beauty you will find citruses of Lemon & Bergamot; floral notes of Jasmine, Rose, Amaranth, Blue Lotus, Lilac & Hibiscus, along with some super-secret & hard to come by crushed petals and bulb dust. Raspberry, Black Cherry & Lovespell bring the juiciest, fruitiest sweet undertones to an already luscious blend. You will find chips of Morganite (power & self-love), Amazonite(Self-discipline & emotional stability), Red Coral(Energy & Positivity) & Amber(Healing & good vibes) for an added boost of vigorous assistance in every single vial.

Desdemona is intended for those who are lacking in energy & zeal. It was specifically crafted with f e m i n i n e energies in mind & heart. We all have moments (sometimes weeks or more) where we simply are not attuned to our feminine nature, qualities or energies. Desdemona is here to support you in connecting with yourself & releasing your beautiful, feminine vibes.

The amazing thing about Desdemona is that she always creates a personalized blend of nectarous, honeyed and juicy. A quick warning to wearers: Desdemona will get you noticed. 

 1/2 ounce
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