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CHILL OUT | Tub Tea |

CHILL OUT | Tub Tea |

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Need to chill?

Take a break & pour these hand-crafted spearmint salts into a hot bath & let them work their magic. Three different kinds of organic salt go into this minty blend which was specifically intended for cooling down, chilling out & taking a well-deserved break. *Please note* Chill Out Tub Tea contains a small dose of menthol for relaxation & easy breathing.

CHILL OUT is also useful when your sinuses start getting the better of you.
Boil a pot of water & pour 1/2 cup in.
Remove from heat & breathe in the steam (do all of this safely, of course).
It will do its best to open you up & allow you to breathe again.

You will receive a one (1) pound bag of Chill Out Tub Tea.
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