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Bourbon Vanilla Bean | Spell Oil |

Bourbon Vanilla Bean | Spell Oil |

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Bourbon Vanilla Bean

Our Bourbon Vanilla Bean Spell Oil was probably the longest anticipated of the bunch. Our thickest and arguably most delectable oil is steeped in our cozy little haven for weeks before being put into your hands. Each & every bottle is made individually with real Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean and is thereafter sweetened up with the purest essential oils. There's no other way to describe this work of art except "vanilla, vanilla, vanilla." This blend is warm and sweet in an unparalleled way. Upon applying to the skin, you will notice a hint of what sings to you as warm sugary icing; this is normal and quite welcomed. Whether you use the vanilla bean blend as a sweet perfume or in a warmer, you will be immediately overwhelmed with delight, and so will those around you!

Know that each little vanilla bean speck took time to open.
Our Bourbon Vanilla Bean Spell Oil is a labor of love that is much worth the work.

 1/2 ounce
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