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Black Rose | Tub Tea |

Black Rose | Tub Tea |

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 Black Rose

Roses are... luxurious & velvety. They remind us of the finer things.
Our Black Rose Tub Tea is one of those things.

It's quite simple. Ruby red rose petals are dried and crushed by hand with mortar & pestle. Sprinkled into the batch is organic mineral mica & 100% pure rose absolute.

Natural sea salt and Epsom salts are then poured in & the mixing begins. The final touches include a drizzle of berries & cream, some secret sweetness, & a touch of organic coconut oil.

Black Rose salt soak is intended as a luxurious dose of self-love. Roses are the perfect medicine for a clouded heart or neglected soul. Set your intentions on forgiveness, acceptance, and free love while you soak in this luscious, handcrafted tub tea.

You will receive a one (1) pound bag of Black Rose Tub Tea.
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