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Alchemilla | Fall Spell Oil |

Alchemilla | Fall Spell Oil |

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Superstition | Folk Magic

The final touches to Alchemilla were made on Friday the 13th.
A day of lore, fables & superstitions - the things our type of fairy tales are made of.

Lady's mantle (or alchemilla mollis) has long been steeped in superstition, with 18th Century alchemists using the dew collected on lady's mantles in "magic potions" of unknown sorts. Those magical lady's mantles, wild violets & valerian root sit upon a bed of birch moss that swims together in a compelling little vial of mysterious nectar.

Alchemilla is layered in spicy leather & laced up with Fig and Verbena. In unveiling her secret ways, you will find notes of Ho wood & wildflowers, which sweeten up this otherwise stout-hearted blend.

Sewing up the corset of Alchemilla will find you protected by chips of tourmalated quartz (the mirror-spell crystal) & empowered by snowflake obsidian.

1/2 ounce
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